Build Email Marketing Server

Building an email marketing server is very easy with us. We provide complete package to build and run a successful email marketing server.

On premise email marketing service include deploying require softwares, tools policy approval to send mass/bulk emails on client owned/hired servers (in house server) or on our own network infrastructure. The service includes both one time setup in a single machine or maintenance on monthly basis.

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Our Key Highlights of Services

  • Build Transactional or Promotional Email Server
  • Mail Transfer Agent Deployment/Configuration
  • SMTP Configuration and Management
  • Mail Policy Management
  • Email Abuse Handling
  • Bad Email Suppression
  • Bounce Handling and Management
  • DNS Configuration and Management
  • Email Reputation Management
  • Email Marketing Application Deployment
  • Email Conversion Optimization
  • API and Other Services


We have answered here some of the common query and doubt.

  • What is on premise email marketing server setup?

    Its building an email marketing server on your in house or rented server.

    • On premise setup installation service is very useful when you wish to run an in house email marketing server, it helps you to securely manage data and reduce third party vendor cost.

  • How much you charge for the setting up email marketing server?

    It depends on your server resources.

    • We offer you quality email marketing server setup, the price does varry as per server specification i.e. no of domains or ips and volume etc. please fill up ‘request to proposal’ form for further information.

  • What payment method you accept?

    We have facility for both online and offline payment collection.

    • We accept payment both way; online and offline as well. You can make payment online via credit/debit cards, paypal, net banking etc. or can send us bank cheque.

  • Do you offer pre built email servers?

    Yes we do offer the same.

    • We offer ready made pre build email marketing servers at affordable monthly price go here to explore variety of email marketing servers.

  • Do you offer maintenance service?

    Yes, We do offer monthly maintenance service.

    • We not only deploy the email marketing servers but also render maintenance service to manage your entire email server.

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